Waagh!, What is it Good For?

Sometime in the middle of last year I decided to try creating an Ork Kill Team for Shadow War. It was supposed to be something small, and different from just playing more Space Marines. As of this morning however, I have about 30/40 assembled Boyz, along with another box ready for assembling today. I’ve also got six Killa Kans awaiting a base coat, and a box of Lootas ready for assembly along with the rest of the Nobz I left in the box after putting together the Kill Team. A mate also threw me some sprues he wasn’t using and I’ve no idea how many Orks are on them. Somehow, I’m well on my way to having a fieldable Waaagh of my own. Expect more updates as I get these bad boyz (puntacular!) finished.


The Best Laid Plans…

So, things definitely didn’t go to plan on the hobby front yesterday. I had planned to put some more work in on my Ork Kill Team and polish of All the Birds in the Sky for my Science Fiction & Fantasy book club, but I got held back at work for a few hours so my spare time was severely  limited. On the plus side, my second order of the week from Games Workshop arrived, including some shades that I needed for the Orks so I was able to get a little work done. As it stands I’ve gotten all the skin of my Leader and Specialist done along with most of the metal, so I’m pretty happy with the progress there. In fact I’m writing this post while waiting for the Nuln Oil shade to dry.


On the book club front (yes I left reading the book until the last moment) they’ve changed how we’re picking the next read. Instead of letting each member put forward a book to a general vote, we were simply given the choice of two books to choose from. Dark Eden by Chris Beckett won out in a close decision with Station Eleven. I can’t say I was overly enthused to read either book, but then that’s why I joined the club in the first place, to read things I otherwise wouldn’t pick up. In other book related news I should finish off All the Birds in the Sky soon, and maybe even United States of Japan which I had put down in order to get the club book read. Then it’s on to The Underground Railroad for my other book club (meets next Thursday) and then hopefully back-to-backing This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet.

To Waaagh!

With the new Warhammer 40k 8th Edition just a few days away I’ve become interested in putting together an Orc army. Thankfully the guys at my local games club have decided to give a Shadow War campaign a go so I can ease myself into the project. My first batch of Ork models arrived from GW in the post this morning (1 box of Nobs and 1 box of Boys) and I can’t wait to get started on them. I’ve decided to favour melee combat with my kill team which I guess sets me down the path of a Goffs army.

My 1,000pt. Kill Team

1x Boss Nob with ‘Eavy Armour and a Power Klaw
1x Pain Boy with Choppa and Rokkit Launcher
3x Boy with Choppa and Sluggg
3x Boy with Choppa
1x Yoof with Stikkbombs and Buzz-Choppa