Obsessed With Android Games

If you’ve been following me on twitter over the last week or so you’ll have noticed I’ve been playing quite a lot of DC Legends. I downloaded the app while I was in hospital and have gotten into it in a big way. It’s no surprise really as I’ve found great enjoyment in other hero collection games (Soul Hunters, Idle Heroes etc.) and DC Legends is a pretty solid offering in the genre. In truth though, this is all part of a renewed interest in gaming on my Android devices. I’ve played, and set aside, the likes of Clash of Clans and Boom Beach in the past, but I’m looking to find other games to delve into at the moment. The odd thing is that I don’t really want a static game (one that every play is just more of the same) but at the same point, I don’t want a game that forces me to be constantly logging in to get the most of it. With Soul hunters and DC Legends (my main two games) I’ve come to a point where I can log in for a few minutes here and there to keep things going, and that’s really where I want to get to with any other game I try. Of course, all this will come with a regular ‘space usage’ warning from my tablet in spite of me moving things over to the SD card. Anyway, here’s hoping for plenty more exciting Android gaming; if only 16-year-old, PC gaming Seán could see me now!


Gotta catch Some More

After months of going back and forth on getting one, my brand spanking new Pokémon GO Plus arrived in the mail this morning! I had partly given up playing the game over the last few weeks because I was getting sick of constantly charging my phone battery. With the new gym upgrades (check out my Geek Ireland article here) I’m particularly eager to get back into the wild and get levelling again. Of course I ensured that I picked up a second for my girlfriend so I wouldn’t get in trouble for lording it over her.


On an oddly disappointing note the parcel arrived three days earlier than Amazon.co.uk advised that it would so I hadn’t charged my phone enough to get some good use out of it on the way home from work.  I am hoping to get out and about with it later before people call around for board games later.