A Matter of FATE

So, last night I had the opportunity to try out the FATE Role Play system with a few friends, and I must admit I was quite impressed. For once I wasn’t the GM but I would definitely say it suits my style of game management. I believe that the narrative is the best part of a campaign, weaving a story that brings the characters together without getting bogged down in mechanics. FATE delivers that in spades and I can see how it could be used to play any number of scenarios be it fantasy, science fiction or, as we played last night, post-apocalyptic western.


The system really opens up the range of characters that can be played too. Last night we were all boring an played human characters but we had had a ‘Too Old for this S***’ army vet., a crew-protecting bounty hunter, an alcoholic gambler and my fatalistic every man. Thanks to the lack of mechanics we were able to really get into the minds of our characters and how each came to be part of our eccentric little group. Also, I got to blow a mech’s leg off with a stick of dynamite which was pretty cool. I can definitely see myself trying to run something with FATE in the future.