Prepared for This

So, Ireland is in a Status Red weather warning today thanks to hurricane Ophelia and I find myself off work due to the store being closed. Even though we’re on the East coast so there will be some dissipation in the storm’s strength as it crosses the country, I’m still expecting the satellite to go down along with the broadband and maybe even the electricity. Thankfully, as a certain Irish actor might say, “what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you,” and I’m all stocked up on books and board games to get me through.

Indeed, while I was out yesterday, Laoise asked Méabh if we could play the next year of the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle today if it turned out that I was off work. Pretty cool that I live in a house of tabletop enthusiasts. Anyway, see you after my date with Ophelia. Hopefully nothing too unexpected happens.


New Comic Book Day Shenanigans

It’s Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing, NEW COMIC BOOKS! For once I was actually able to get to Dublin on release day and pick up a few choice books. Meabh has finally taken the hint that she’s been getting off some friends and started to read Saga, so I picked her up the first of the collected editions. It should give her something to tie her over until the next issue of The Librarians comes out in a few weeks.

For myself I picked up the latest issue of Supergirl, issues #2 and #3 of Dawn of War III, Kingsman: The Red Diamond #2, DC Bombshells Unite #3 and the latest Wonder Woman. Unfortunately though, I left it until Friday last week to pick up Comic Books, and with Octocon over the weekend, I’ve built up quite the backlog of reading. That said, I have the house to myself tonight and in the morning, so I’ll have plenty of time to get stuck in.

Of course, any trip to Dublin can’t be limited to just popping into one shop. I also visited Games Workshop to pick up a rather large selection of paints for Meabh before hopping over to Gamer’s World to put my name to a copy of Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies seeing as I hope to organise I big game of it for Halloween. I also found time to pop into Chapters’ second hand book section to pick up Omega by Jack McDevitt, The Majipoor Chronicles by Robert Silverberg and Acorna’s Quest by Anne McCaffrey & Margaret Ball. For once three books that I’d sort of been planning to pick up.

Praise the Sun!

It’s been a while since I occasioned to update this blog, something I’ve been meaning to do over the last few days. I suppose the biggest thing that’s happened over the past few months is that I finally got my hands on Dark Souls: The Board Game from Steamforged Games. For those who aren’t aware, the game got stuck in a bit of a shipping mire, and eventually arrived here in Ireland three months later than I’d hoped. Thankfully it was well worth the wait. Everyone I’ve played it with has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we’ve even managed to defeat the supplied Mega Boss, so all-in-all a really good game. And if you fancy it, check out my Dark Souls: The Board Game review over on Geek Ireland.

Dark Souls Board Game Models


A Hoard of Board

It’s been a wonderful few days on the board game front as I’ve been able to pick up a few pieces that I’ve been wanting for a while and had something I’d backed on Kickstarter turn up unexpectedly. On a housekeeping note I finally got around to picking up the Big Geeky Box for Smash Up! A few months back I filled out the available space in the core box and had picked up the What Were We Thinking?  expansion so it was about time I picked up more storage. The only disappointing thing about the box is that it still leaves you needing to find a way of keeping the VP tokens together, but I already have some little storage pots that should do the trick. Looking forward to getting this back on the table over the next few weeks.

Smash Up Big Geeky Box

Secondly, thanks to some extra funds I got for my birthday, I bit the bullet and spent the €130 needed to get Blood Rage along with its Fifth Player Expansion and Mystics of Midgard expansion. I really enjoy the game but I didn’t want to just pick up the core game alone. We had a few friends over to continue our Pandemic Legacy Season One campaign last night (we lost on outbreaks) and I decided to take out Blood Rage afterwards. Thankfully, after months of me gushing about the game, everyone enjoyed it though we ran out of time before playing the Third Age. Now that everyone knows how the game plays though, they’re really looking forward to giving it a more informed play through.

Finally, I got a call from my dad yesterday to say that a packet was waiting for me at the local post centre. I still get my Kickstarter rewards sent to my parents house because their mortgage is paid off and there’s less chance of them moving. When I got to the post centre it turned out that the packet (as it was marked on the delivery notice) was actually a large box containing Nova Aetas along with its first expansion and a few extra models. I only got an email from the shipping company last week to say I could expect it in 4-6 weeks so it was a huge surprise that it arrived. Unfortunately a few models didn’t survive shipping but a drop of glue and most of them are now ready to hit the table. I can’t wait to give this one a try.

Nova Aetas