White Scars Project Update

Back in January, at the prompt of the Ireland’s Gaming Community facebook group, I set myself the goal of assembling and painting 2,500pts. of Warhammer 40k White Scars Space Marines. It’s been a struggle to be honest (and I’ve heard “Why would you do that to yourself” on numerous occasions) but I’m pretty happy with how things are going so far. I’ve even managed to get some models onto the table on two occasions – the first a 100 Power Point victory over the forces of Nurgle and the second a bloody, hard fought win against Necrons at 2,000pts. I’m hoping to get a game in at that magic 2,500pts. mark in the coming weeks, so rest assured I’ve hit the mark with regards to assembly.

Here’s the breakdown of what I’ve got done so far;

HQ – Realistically the only HQ option I have so far is an assembled Captain on Bike. I do have a Kor’sarro Kahn model somewhere but I’ve completely misplaced him. He’s unassembled and my girlfriend bought him for me for my birthday, but I haven’t been able to locate him in months. Thankfully the lads I play with have been allowing me to proxy him so I know the damage he can do – In my battle against the forces of Chaos he straight up stabbed a Rhino until it exploded.

TROOPS – I’ve 60 Tactical Space Marines in various stages of assembly and painting. I had an accident a while back and a number of them became de-assembled so I’d say about 30 of them are still in one piece, of which 10-15 are pretty much painted and another 10 require finishing touches to shoulder pads and other detail areas.

FAST ATTACK -As of last Sunday my three Land Speeders are nearly done. Like my Tactical Squads they just need a bit of detail work. I’ve also got nine Bikes that are at the same point so it’s pretty fitting that this will probably be the part of my White Scars army that gets finished first.

HEAVY SUPPORT – For this category I’m looking toward my two Land Raiders. One of them is pretty much done, again I just need to add the finishing touches while the other is assembled. Unfortunately, I bought this one pre-assembled on ebay and the owner made quite a mess of it. I’m facing the real possibility of having to take it apart to clean up some of the shoddy workmanship. It’s pretty much been sitting in a box since I got it but I have it in that 2,500pts. list I mentioned above so I’ll have to face it at some point.

DEDICATED TRANSPORT – Here again is a category that I’ve done a lot of work on. I have four Rhinos (two are actually Razorbacks that I’m using as Rhinos but have left unglued so I can switch to their original purpose if needs be) and they’re nearly done. I ran out of paint when it came to doing their tracks and haven’t gone back to them. I also have two Drop Pods awaiting a final lick of paint before I can say their finished but again, it’s not a big project.

 Well, that’s it with regards to the White Scars. I’d probably be a lot further along with them if I hadn’t stupidly decided to work on some Orcs as well. I also have some Necron Destroyers that I picked up because I thought of a colour scheme I wanted to try on them. A bit more focus and I might actually hit my goal. That’ll be a big boost when it comes to setting my goal for next year – more on that one closer to January.


November TBR Pile

So, I’ve finally decided to organise my Goodreads to-read shelf, and by extension decide what titles I’m going to read for November. The plan going forward is to update my profile at the beginning of every month with the few titles that I plan to read over the next few weeks, rather than having a few hundred books listed as “to read.” With a bit of luck this will help me to focus on what I read. Anywho, here are the books I hope to get through in November.

Daughter of Eden by Chris Beckett – This one I’m already about 100 pages into. We read the previous book in the series, Dark Eden, as part of the Science Fiction book club I go to and I was perhaps more keen than the others to continue the series. Enjoying what I’ve read so far.

The Inferior by Peadar O’Guilín – In the run up to Octocon I read The Call by the same author ahead of getting to see him in person (sad face, we missed him all weekend) and thoroughly enjoyed it. When I saw this in the local library I just had to pick it up and give it a try.

The Power by Naomi Alderman – This is the November read for the Science Fiction & Fantasy book club that I go to. It seems interesting, and my girlfriend (among many others) is enjoying it so fingers crossed I’ll like it too.

The Good People by Hannah Kent – Another November book club read, this time for the more General club. I put this one forward because I wanted to read something set in Ireland and the synopsis seemed pretty cool. Really glad it got picked.

Savant by Nik Abnett – Once again inspired by last month’s Octocon weekend, this book has a very interesting premise. Over the past few weeks it has been calling to me to be read so hopefully I’ll be able to get to it this month.

And there you have it, the five books I hope to get through over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the sidebar over yonder to see if I can stick to my plans. Or, you know, you could follow me on twitter where Goodreads automatically posts when I finish and rate a book.

Prepared for This

So, Ireland is in a Status Red weather warning today thanks to hurricane Ophelia and I find myself off work due to the store being closed. Even though we’re on the East coast so there will be some dissipation in the storm’s strength as it crosses the country, I’m still expecting the satellite to go down along with the broadband and maybe even the electricity. Thankfully, as a certain Irish actor might say, “what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you,” and I’m all stocked up on books and board games to get me through.

Indeed, while I was out yesterday, Laoise asked Méabh if we could play the next year of the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle today if it turned out that I was off work. Pretty cool that I live in a house of tabletop enthusiasts. Anyway, see you after my date with Ophelia. Hopefully nothing too unexpected happens.

New Comic Book Day Shenanigans

It’s Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing, NEW COMIC BOOKS! For once I was actually able to get to Dublin on release day and pick up a few choice books. Meabh has finally taken the hint that she’s been getting off some friends and started to read Saga, so I picked her up the first of the collected editions. It should give her something to tie her over until the next issue of The Librarians comes out in a few weeks.

For myself I picked up the latest issue of Supergirl, issues #2 and #3 of Dawn of War III, Kingsman: The Red Diamond #2, DC Bombshells Unite #3 and the latest Wonder Woman. Unfortunately though, I left it until Friday last week to pick up Comic Books, and with Octocon over the weekend, I’ve built up quite the backlog of reading. That said, I have the house to myself tonight and in the morning, so I’ll have plenty of time to get stuck in.

Of course, any trip to Dublin can’t be limited to just popping into one shop. I also visited Games Workshop to pick up a rather large selection of paints for Meabh before hopping over to Gamer’s World to put my name to a copy of Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies seeing as I hope to organise I big game of it for Halloween. I also found time to pop into Chapters’ second hand book section to pick up Omega by Jack McDevitt, The Majipoor Chronicles by Robert Silverberg and Acorna’s Quest by Anne McCaffrey & Margaret Ball. For once three books that I’d sort of been planning to pick up.

Obsessed With Android Games

If you’ve been following me on twitter over the last week or so you’ll have noticed I’ve been playing quite a lot of DC Legends. I downloaded the app while I was in hospital and have gotten into it in a big way. It’s no surprise really as I’ve found great enjoyment in other hero collection games (Soul Hunters, Idle Heroes etc.) and DC Legends is a pretty solid offering in the genre. In truth though, this is all part of a renewed interest in gaming on my Android devices. I’ve played, and set aside, the likes of Clash of Clans and Boom Beach in the past, but I’m looking to find other games to delve into at the moment. The odd thing is that I don’t really want a static game (one that every play is just more of the same) but at the same point, I don’t want a game that forces me to be constantly logging in to get the most of it. With Soul hunters and DC Legends (my main two games) I’ve come to a point where I can log in for a few minutes here and there to keep things going, and that’s really where I want to get to with any other game I try. Of course, all this will come with a regular ‘space usage’ warning from my tablet in spite of me moving things over to the SD card. Anyway, here’s hoping for plenty more exciting Android gaming; if only 16-year-old, PC gaming Seán could see me now!

Literary Indulgences

Last week I was a bit under the weather and missed the September meeting of my local book club, so today I finally got around to picking up the latest read. In my absence the group, which I gather included two new members along with some returnees from summer holidays, chose The Adversary: A True Story of Monstrous Deception by Emmanuel Carrére. While we’ve generally stayed away from non-fiction in the club so far, I’m not surprised something like this was chosen as there have been murmurs about reading a non-fiction for the past few meetings. I can’t say it’s something I would have chosen myself, but then again I joined the book club to read more books that I wouldn’t have given the time of day otherwise, so I’m looking forward to giving it a go – it’s pretty short anyway.

Of course, I couldn’t pick up just one book while I was in Waterstones – The Adversary was part of the Buy One Get One Half Price deal so I couldn’t resist adding a second. In that capacity I picked up Lost Boy by Christina Henry. I’ve previously read and enjoyed Alice by Henry so this is one I’m definitely  looking forward to, though I’ll probably read Red Queen by the same author before indulging in this new one. On my way to the till I happened to notice Simply the Quest by Maz Evans and remembering that Laoise had enjoyed Who Let the Gods Out? I felt there wasn’t any harm in adding that to the list, but Oh Dear!, it too was Buy One Get One Half Price. With some restraint I limited myself to adding just one more title to my growing shopping list; They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera. I’ve seen it in a few emails and the like over the past few weeks so I figured it might be worth giving it a go.

Countdown to Octocon

I’ll be heading to my first Octocon this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it I must say. The Guest of Honour this year is none other than Dan Abnett who has written for some of my favourite franchises (Warhammer 40k, Guardians of the Galaxy, Aquaman) so I’m really hoping I get the chance to meet him. I’ve also set myself the challenge of reading books by as many of the authors that will be present as possible this week. I finished The Call by Peadar O’Guilin late last night and am currently making headway with Roses in Amber: A Beauty and the Beast Story by C.E. Murphy. Thoroughly enjoying what I’ve read so far. The question is, do I go on and read something by Mr. Abnett next?